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Alternate Source
Celestia enjoying her vacation in Griffin Village :3

(maybe one day I'll finish that animation ;u; its just getting more and more ambitious)
safe1706853 artist:alumx716 princess celestia95038 alicorn224506 griffon27073 pony968040 absurd resolution66235 banana2004 basket3083 beach14930 beach chair496 beach umbrella385 boat1338 cloud30734 drink4856 drinking3478 drinking straw738 female1363508 food70138 hat86893 lens flare1796 lounge chair159 lounging270 mare480835 ocean6507 resting536 sand2336 scenery8037 sky14157 solo focus16910 sun6690 sun hat944 sunglasses14476 umbrella2670 vacation253 water13260 wave447


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