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1.Vows of Love:  
Twi looks pretty right…..I’m tryin k. So long story short this is when they got married and when they had to recite their vows. Vows are just beautiful.
Having a partner that is literally immortal Flash sometimes thinks a lot about it. He think that if he dies who’s Twilight going to hang on when she’s sad or needs somepony. Flash sometimes wonder why did Twilight choose him, why not someone immortal like Discord or Sombra. It just makes him…sad.
3.Soft Snores:  
Someone overworked herself that day and pretty much accidentally slept on her paperwork that was all over the floor. Being the goody goody husband Flash was he carried his dearest Sleeping Beauty to their bed room. As he layed his waifu on da bed, he heard soft mummers from Twilight’s mouth. Sleep talking, after that came these soft snores.
4.They’re Just Scars:  
This is a direct squeal oh the Please Stay… comic. (SPOILERS) When Flash came back after the war was over, Twilight though she wanted to be a good fiancee slash future wife she went to aid Flash’s battle wounds. And when she unwrap the bandages a she could keep the horrified look and words that she had. insert whiny worried horse noises Flash keep telling her that they’re just scar and there’s nothing wrong. But Ms.Whiny Worried AF Princess wanted to use a spell that the nurses use to repair wounds and vanish scars. As she did that Mr.It’s Just Scars beg his future waifu that she would let him keep at least a few of them. So she did….forcefully.
Two dorkies decided to bake and it ended up being a food fight. So silly

safe2172045 artist:yuyusunshine351 flash sentry15072 twilight sparkle357345 alicorn313625 pony1600231 g42026857 baking857 bandage7696 cuddling10724 food fight75 immortality blues750 male549928 marriage1864 ring6838 scar16441 ship:flashlight3299 shipping253875 sketch82482 sketch dump4037 sleeping29364 snuggling7414 straight178846 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148986 watermark24020 wedding1948 wedding veil750 worried5642


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