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Premium pone.
It makes sense, and people get what they pay for. One of the reasons I don’t commission anybody anymore is I just don’t have that kind of disposable income. I consider $40 for a Steam game a big purchase.
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One hundred and thirty dollars? American? Wow commission prices have gone up since I last got one back in the late 1990s.

My commissions average 100-150$, with some (like the star trek luna one and the fireplace one) being 200$. Artists need to eat too. Both I and my fans value the work I do and the effort that goes into these pieces. People lowballing commission prices hurts everyone, not everyone lives with their parents and can afford to just not pay rent you know.

Commissions like these and music sales are what allow me to put out art twice a week or more instead of once a month or month and a half. Sure, there are cheaper artists out there but you generally get what you pay for.

The MLP fandom is notorious for undercharging for commissions. If you were to commission out an art piece outside the fandom, even just in the furry fandom, you’ll find art costs much more.
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You are such a good artist. Why? Why the Photoshop grass brush?
because it saves time? It worked, and it fit, and it gave the needed effect. Why NOT use a modified PS texture brush to fill in some of the space? Otherwise the texture of the grass woud be much like the texture of the trees in the back, lacking detail and definition. I wasnt gonna spend days drawing grass for a 130$ commission
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