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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:

How the heck did you fit an entire rope ladder into the passenger seat???!!

….I forgot to bring my parachute…

You forgot your parachute,yet you still remember to bring a fr&&kin' ladder???!!!

You know, now that you think about it, that does sound pretty ridiculous…


I should've just gone with using my helicopter hair like Rayman!!

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safe1750448 artist:meiyeezhu332 pinkie pie220149 rainbow dash238555 human158945 alternate hairstyle29074 anime5679 bush2828 clothes475977 cloud32084 comic111477 crash724 crashing44 emergency28 explosion2217 falling2758 fire11759 flower26704 funny4230 grass10144 humanized101914 humanized ponified human149 ladder789 mountain5353 old master q499 outdoors11614 oxygen mask67 parachute752 parody15784 plane2764 ponytail18765 reference3946 rope11852 shorts14546 sky14968 skydiving483 smoke2676 traditional art120257 wheel494 wonderbolts3694


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