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safe (1109421)artist:bugplayer (143)fluttershy (149103)book (18964)bugplayer is trying to murder us (57)cute (93574)daaaaaaaaaaaw (1288)dethklok (36)earbuds (453)hnnng (1386)ipod (327)listening (98)mp3 player (259)music (1556)open mouth (62829)pegasus (98862)pony (402201)shyabetes (5378)signature (6843)simple background (183273)sitting (30041)smiling (113557)solo (667328)underhoof (29796)weapons-grade cute (1808)white background (40987)

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(Previously known as Deon Miller)

Lover of Yellow Quiet
Bugplayer is like my spiritual guidance. Every time I think of Fluttershy or cuddle with my Fluttershy plushie in my sleep, a cute pic of Fluttershy appears. Bugplayer, you’re my #1 brony artist. :)
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