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Higher-res version of >>50382 (merged)
I don’t like baths.” A very filthy filly groused as she was carried, by magic, towards the tub. Celestia paid no attention to the protests but gently plopped the young pony down into the steaming waters.
“If you don’t get clean, you’ll muddy up your books, my darling. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”
Twilight pouted further, but relented. “No…But I still don’t like baths.

safe2155162 artist:bri-sta501 princess celestia111862 twilight sparkle354829 g42007420 bath3496 bath time43 bathtub2331 crossed hooves2870 cute263259 dirty2346 filly96266 filly twilight sparkle3422 floppy ears71954 forced bathing74 frown35605 glare9012 grayscale48431 grumpy3215 levitation16078 magic95584 momlestia1119 monochrome173667 mothers gonna mother196 pouting2367 rubber duck700 simple background585918 sketch81523 telekinesis38596 transparent background281248 twilight sparkle is not amused1991 unamused23757


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