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That’s a mouthful of a ship name
and a fUCKING TON OF KIDS HO BOY! I wanted to use as many as I adopted from other ppl, so yeah.

In Order;
Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie
Morning Glow, Lunar Eclipse, Lucero, Solana, Calliope Chandra, Nocturnia, Harmony, Sigil

How this family came to be: When Sunset Shimmer came back to Equestria after she had graduated Canterlot High and came back with Sonata to Equestria to stay, Twilight offered her a home in her castle for her to stay with her until she could get back on her feet in Equestria. Though that never happened and Sunset stayed and worked at Twilight’s new founded library that they had built in Ponyville. They soon fell madly in love, well, Sunset had already had a big crush on Twilight all throughout her adventures in the human dimension. Starlight already lived with Twilight and was interested in Twilight romantically, but decided to ’give up’ on her advances when Sunset had come around which in turn made Sunset realize that Starlight had a crush on Twilight and Sunset encouraged Starlight to try and date Twilight as well. This was around when Morning Glow and Lunar Eclipse had already been born to Twilight and Sunset via magic. Starlight asked Twilight out and after dating on and off for a year or two, they finally got married and Starlight was introduced into the family and Lucero soon followed afterwards with the happy wives. Now Trixie was kind of on a rough patch, she was married to Maud Pie but she felt as if it was rushed, their daughter Gloomy Pie meant the world to Trixie but her feelings for Maud soon started to diminish after awhile, their marriage ended rather roughly and Trixie fled, leaving her daughter with Maud on the rock farm which Maud had inherited at the time. Starlight offered Trixie a home at Twilight’s castle, seeing as there’s more then room, she’d just have to mind the children running around, which Trixie didn’t, she actually loved it! Though her jealous nature was around a lot seeing Starlight be lovey dovey with her wives and Trixie having some feelings for Starlight, and that crush was super easy to spot for the 3 alicorns, so they offered that they all start dating and see how Trixie would like it… and she loved it! Going on a date every other weekend with a different gal and getting constant attention and validation made Trixie feel super loved, soon she was introduced into the family and she loves every bit of it.

The Kids:
Morning Glow: Eldest Daughter, born when Twilight and Sunset were only together. Only alicorn child, has a slight wing defect where her wings are a bit smaller then the average pony.
Lunar Eclipse: Eldest Son, 2nd Child born when Twilight and Sunset were only together. Born with odd splotches all over his body.
Lucero: Second Oldest Son, 3rd Child born. Born after Starlight had been married into the family. He has his uncle’s muscular build, though he’s a gentle giant.
Solana: Second Oldest Daughter, 4th Child born. Often described as a ’Himedere’ and is very egotistical.
Calliope Chandra: Middle Child, 5th child born. Seen as the ’outcast’ (even if she’s not), and tends to be in a rebellious stage.
Nocturnia: 3rd Young Child, 6th child born. Very rambunctious and gets in trouble quite a lot, her and Calliope are described as the ’troublesome two’
Harmony: 2nd Youngest Child, 7 child born. Very skilled in a ton of musical ways, described as being quite a show off.
Sigil: Young Child, 8 Child born. Thinks of himself as very powerful unicorn, but comes off as very annoying. Is basically a Mini-Trixie.

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Background Pony #3E89
Wait a minute, so Harmony have four biological parents? Genes from four mothers?

…I think now I know how Discord came to be.
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