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Canterlot was exploding.

Not literally. That would be a welcome change, at least to Luna. It would make things exciting for once at least. No, the mountainside city was exploding in growth, and every week, it seemed like ten new buildings, bridges, statues, parks, and whatever else the locals felt was worth putting up. And of course, she her sister had to be at the opening ceremonies for every one of them. Mother had said it was "to foster harmony among the people". The three tribes had finally been united, and Mother was determined to keep them that way. Besides, she said, these people would be theirs soon. They should get to know them.

The endless parade of ceremonies might not have been so unpleasant had Luna actually been able to present them, but instead, she was almost invariably pushed aside for Celestia. She had to admit it made sense: Celestia was the "peoples' princess". She was charming; she absolutely shone in the spotlight; she radiated power, but was still approachable; she was a natural leader.

It was hard not to be at least a little jealous of all that, and of the attention the ponies lavished upon Celestia. But, for all Luna's envy, Celestia was still her sister. When all was said and done, that's what she was. Her sister.

Her older sister.

And as the younger, Luna had certain obligations, didn't she? If they're going to be examples to these ponies, she should do so as often as she could.

The two alicorns took their places in front of the large red ribbon of the new bridge, Celestia stepping up on the wooden stand set in front of it. She cleared her throat and begin her speech. It was a ramble Luna had heard a hundred times before. Celestia would give glowing thanks to everyone invovled in the contruction, from the noble who funded it to the doughnut shop owner down the block who regularly served the workers. All Luna had to do was stand there and look cute, something she was very good at. She knew that's all that the crowd would see of her. Perfect.

All eyes were on the Sun Princess as she praised the minors who had extracted the marble for the bridge's columns. Not a single pair noticed the faint blue glow around the Moon Princess's horn…
safe1708304 artist:tahublade7409 princess celestia95107 princess luna99200 anthro260564 plantigrade anthro32737 3d76385 assisted exposure1795 cewestia1793 clothes460284 cute200095 daz studio827 dress44607 dress lift189 embarrassed11400 embarrassed underwear exposure849 female1364853 filly66881 magic73358 magic abuse575 mary janes1133 panties50287 pantyhose3419 pink-mane celestia2573 polka dot underwear486 public humiliation505 scissors1107 sisters8867 skirt39822 skirt lift4737 story included8998 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon257 trolluna163 underwear60908 upskirt5886 white underwear3531 woona5065 younger17399


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With cases canterlot was undergoing expanded growth when princess celesta had to be at nearly every grand opening when those also wonder if existing buildings had to undergo an addition and extensive renovations. With the few cases princess Luna had humiliated princess celesta in public when the few times it could be cases Luna was to get back when at a grand opening celesta was to have planned to wear a skirt when it could be times Luna's powers was to make celesta's panties vaporize when in windy conditions celesta's skirt had blown up making hershow her sweet pussy to over half of canterlot.
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For humiliating her sister in front hundreds, Luna's punishment should be to walk back to the castle in her underwear!
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Small error here….

'praised the minors' Should probably be 'praised the miners'

A miner is a person who extracts ore, coal, or other minerals from the earth through mining.

In law, a minor is a person under a certain age—usually the age of majority—which legally demarcates childhood from adulthood.
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Not with iray, at least not with this resolution anyway. Iray rendered the whole image at once, refining it over and over again. So while I could partially render the image with new panties, they would look grainy and it was be pretty obvious they were slapped on.