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Shading practice and whatnot, as I continue my crusade, to turn hated characters into waifus. Or at least one hell of a hate-fuck. :D
So here you have two versions — default and Solarium-tanned (because I doubt she would be one to lie around, tits out, just for a healthy dosage of sunlight)

Had to fiddle a bit with the gradient map and brightness/contrast for the shading layer group, so it looks more or less convincing without massive blow-outs on the highlights… :v

Hope you like it :Dc

Full Sizes — [Normal] [Tan]
suggestive140661 artist:scorpdk669 spoiled rich1116 human152673 armpits42716 barefoot27117 beach14589 belly button76346 bikini17800 breasts272855 busty spoiled rich292 cleavage34107 clothes452734 crepuscular rays2745 erect nipples10398 feet39125 female1346023 humanized99176 lip bite11442 looking at you165220 milf9408 mother2292 pubic hair7616 pubic hair slip128 smiling243126 solo1051590 solo female177785 spoiled milf221 stupid sexy spoiled rich162 swimsuit27762 tan204 tanned202 underass2452


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Background Pony #AC9A
this reminds me of a eddie murphy joke
anyone who saw "raw" will remember it

@Background Pony #1497
yeah, ya don't really know which character it is sometimes, unless his art is colored, and the name is given. there've been times where i thought i was looking at either rarity or fluttershy, and it was either trixie and vice versa
Background Pony #3452
I don't really see how this is Spoiled Rich, there's no real similarities between this and the pony version of her besides the mane color. I thought it was an OC until I checked the tags.