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I know what you weirdos are into.

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Scootaloo Fanclub Member
I’m a very bad pony, so I say “yes”. But sorry, it still depends on how much there is inside, Flurry.  
If it’s too much, I leave it up to your mom and dad.
Pinkamena 314
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Pushing Up Violets
Fantasy != reality. I’m into foalcon, loli, and shota, they’re some of my favorite things actually, but you know what? I can’t even stand being near children in real life, because the real thing is, to me at least, about as completely unappealing in that regard as… well, I’ll give you this mental image. Any MLP character of your choice, tail raised and presenting with a sly grin on their face, VS a big, smelly horse in a field, which as you look at it, flaps its lips briefly, has a moment of panic for no particular reason, then craps on the ground. You can’t really compare what people are into in the abstraction of art and their own imaginations to how things actually are in life; the subject of this image behaves and looks nearly nothing whatsoever like a real baby, as many superficial resemblances as there might be.
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Comfy Pones
I’m into diapers, but would have no sexual interest in a foal in them…
Even - perhaps especially, though, for foals, it’s a nurturing, tender thing, however gross it is, not quite like, but not too afar off from breastfeeding :q
At least for me, though, the emotions play a huge part of it. A foal doesn’t even know what arousal is, so there’s no way she could fit that requirement…
@Background Pony #49B2  
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
The rest of these degenerates can… I dunno, take a teaspoon of degenerate matter to fit their degeneracy.
Seriously, I can tolerate most of the fandom, but this part is pretty bad. But, eh, the more you hate something the stronger it gets.
So I’ll just drop this and leave it.
Depends are adult-sized (and very crappy - pun not intended but relished nonetheless) diapers, anyways. She’s still in regular foal diapers :q
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