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Pre orders have started for an 100+ page printed adult art book. More info in the source including how to sponsor and get your name printed in the book. Pre-orders end Friday (5/13) Starts shipping / digital sales early June.

More preview pictures here:
suggestive (108597)artist:ambris (1253)artist:appelknekten (542)artist:atane27 (232)artist:bakasan (249)artist:bantha (193)artist:b-epon (391)artist:burgerkiss (490)artist:caboni32 (311)artist:camychan (526)artist:cold-blooded-twilight (1801)artist:fearingfun (1295)artist:formalgentleman (87)artist:futaku (232)artist:hiroshi-tea (162)artist:kevinsano (2972)artist:matimus91 (414)artist:mdgusty (267)artist:northernsprint (525)artist:omi (221)artist:ponegranate (82)artist:pony-butt-express (239)artist:pusspuss (478)artist:qweeli (232)artist:rainbowscreen (420)artist:ratofdrawn (1008)artist:scramjet747 (203)artist:shinodage (821)artist:shydale (279)artist:silverfox057 (549)artist:skoon (752)artist:skuttz (336)artist:strangerdanger (639)artist:sugarlesspaints (1173)artist:sweetfilthyfun (261)artist:tres-apples (250)applejack (142292)coco pommel (4939)coloratura (2403)derpy hooves (44986)dj pon-3 (26187)fluttershy (177243)limestone pie (4195)lotus blossom (2315)marble pie (5403)mayor mare (2630)minuette (4888)ms. harshwhinny (1988)night glider (1126)octavia melody (20502)photo finish (2318)pinkie pie (182544)princess cadance (27211)princess celestia (81077)princess luna (85678)rainbow dash (197051)rarity (151371)roseluck (4173)spitfire (11673)sunset shimmer (47889)sunshine smiles (212)trixie (53798)twilight sparkle (250409)twilight velvet (3241)vinyl scratch (30285)art pack:the clop book (75)princess molestia (3012)advertisement (5959)alicorn (152515)anthro (191265)art pack (1077)bat ponified (1308)bat pony (33733)bedroom eyes (42414)book (25520)condom (2332)condom in mouth (515)countess coloratura (814)earth pony (133353)female (707730)flutterbat (5894)male (240008)mouth hold (12684)pegasus (172075)ponk (733)pony (646973)print (127)race swap (10156)straight (104753)tongue out (71851)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96658)unicorn (183762)


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Background Pony #3E16
17 new tags added include: bat ponified, bat pony, bedroom eyes, condom in mouth, flutterbat, fluttershy, limestone pie, minuette, princess celestia, princess molestia, ponk, race swap, sunset shimmer, tongue out, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn) and twilight velvet.
queenmeanie's avatar
@Dusk Raven
That’s all part of the fun in owning a physical copy! I’ve got this pre-ordered, I already have "Rat’s Pornfolio" he released a couple years ago, and both Plot Books so far and they all live in a neat little stack either on the desk or a side table in plain sight :p
@Iketani Iridium
This one is mostly new art, about a 70 new to 30 old split. It really came down to which artists had the time to do new pictures or if there were old favorites they wanted printed.

The previous plot books were more focused on older art.