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suggestive151462 artist:deusexequus477 princess cadance33612 princess celestia97777 queen chrysalis36003 starlight glimmer50522 trixie69580 twilight sparkle310085 alicorn238779 changeling51319 changeling queen18539 pony1083897 unicorn356469 bedroom eyes62944 blushing209678 book35253 comic113430 female1432595 implied 6914 implied cunnilingus590 implied death2734 implied humping9 implied lesbian3643 implied murder951 implied oral1774 implied sex6339 implied shining armor376 implied shipping5333 implied twilestia166 lesbian100921 mare518188 offscreen character36911 princess of love142 princess of shipping119 sexual proxy voodoo47 shipper on deck1464 shipping209357 startrix3069 twilestia2575 voodoo160 voodoo doll232


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Considering the position of the Trixie and Starlight dolls at the end (not to mention the Twilight and Celestia dolls) and the fact that these seem to be voodoo-esque dolls, I’m adding the implied sex tag.  
@Background Pony #EA23  
Ever since I read Days of Wasp and Spider, I’ve had the headcannon that Luna’s special talent has a lot to do with control over the force of gravity. Celestia just uses brute force (she can tap into a massive nuclear furnace, so she has energy to spare), but Luna does it with finesse.

Solar Servant
Speaking purely from show cannon, when the Sisters are gone, the Sun and moon actually stop in the middle of the sky. Since there are also two of them, and their jobs are apparently different, Celestia brings the day “then” Luna brings the night, it looks like they move their respective space balls rather than control the movement of the earth.
But I have been wrong before
Background Pony #4618
Also worth a mention is the Princess of Wind, who left because she was tired of ponies laughing at her title.