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safe1770123 artist:ncmares715 twilight sparkle308465 alicorn236178 pony1030048 alternate hairstyle29436 butt81718 clothes482767 dock52834 donut2137 featureless crotch7169 female1418816 food74148 habit59 looking back61135 magic76388 mare511137 mouth hold18356 plot83318 ponytail19268 rear view13105 signature27588 socks69417 solo1108742 striped socks22172 telekinesis29186 twibutt5904 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127162


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Background Pony #F847
yeah that needs to be suggestive cause of the amount of butt showing and the eyes.

The legend strikes again with another top-notch princess masterpiece! You never cease to amaze with your fantastic stockings-and-sweets motif. You’re the greatest NCMares!