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safe1676922 artist:ncmares710 twilight sparkle296753 alicorn218796 pony939623 alternate hairstyle27409 clothes449044 dock48411 donut1967 featureless crotch6749 female1336816 food68278 habit47 looking back55514 magic71786 mare466736 mouth hold17038 plot76993 ponytail17334 rear view11564 signature23329 socks64720 solo1044139 striped socks21032 telekinesis27071 twibutt5340 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122151


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Background Pony #F847
yeah that needs to be suggestive cause of the amount of butt showing and the eyes.

The legend strikes again with another top-notch princess masterpiece! You never cease to amaze with your fantastic stockings-and-sweets motif. You're the greatest NCMares!