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safe (1501351) artist:ncmares (700) twilight sparkle (272082) alicorn (179123) pony (778508) alternate hairstyle (22540) clothes (381698) dock (40755) donut (1636) featureless crotch (5674) female (825430) food (55901) habit (27) looking back (45237) magic (61420) mare (374682) mouth hold (14405) plot (68348) ponytail (14189) rear view (8727) signature (16519) socks (52927) solo (924666) striped socks (17949) telekinesis (22629) twibutt (4023) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (108798)


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Background Pony #4759
yeah that needs to be suggestive cause of the amount of butt showing and the eyes.

The legend strikes again with another top-notch princess masterpiece! You never cease to amaze with your fantastic stockings-and-sweets motif. You're the greatest NCMares!