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safe1597188 artist:ncmares709 twilight sparkle285645 alicorn202004 pony866909 alternate hairstyle25149 clothes418538 dock44858 donut1837 featureless crotch6368 female1270502 food62891 habit39 looking back50757 magic67198 mare431343 mouth hold15709 plot72146 ponytail16109 rear view10449 signature20097 socks58307 solo990103 striped socks19631 telekinesis25061 twibutt4792 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117075


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Background Pony #F847
yeah that needs to be suggestive cause of the amount of butt showing and the eyes.

The legend strikes again with another top-notch princess masterpiece! You never cease to amaze with your fantastic stockings-and-sweets motif. You're the greatest NCMares!