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Blair (Gem)
Parents: Filthy Rich x Rarity
Age: 17
Personality: Selfish, ladylike, brave
Cutiemark meaning: Modeling

Bella (Sparkle)
Parents: Twiglight Sparklex Flash Sentury
Age: 18
Personality: Strict, honest, Serious, brave, a fighter
Cutiemark meaning: Revelution and power. Moons= Luna, Star= Twiglight, Sun= Celestia

Muffin (Pie)
Parents: Pinkie pie x Cheese Sandwich
Age: 17
Pesonality: Punny, Not a good lisener, forgetter, Easliy confused
Cutiemark meaning: Baking

Wiwy / Crown Jewel (Blueblood)
Parents: Prince Bluelood x Fluttershy
Age: 21
Personality: Sweet, manipulative, easliy annoyed, ladylike, flattering
Cutimark meaning: Holder of the kindness element

Blizzer (Boom)
Parents: Rainbow Dash x Sorin
Age: 18
Personality: Nagging, Always looking for a competion, cool, chill, soft on the inside
Cutiemark Meaning: Singing

Elle (Smith)
Parents: Applejack x Trenderhoof
Age 18
Personality: Hipster, nagging, always looking for a competation, Salty
Cutimark meaning: Baking and apple harvesting
safe (1447348)artist:theroyalartofna (27)oc (533960)oc:bella (253)oc:blair (5)oc:blizzer (1)oc:crown jewel (6)oc:elle (7)oc:muffin (23)oc only (368167)oc:wiwy (1)next generation (5459)offspring (29222)parent:applejack (2809)parent:cheese sandwich (1404)parent:filthy rich (17)parent:flash sentry (2229)parent:fluttershy (3430)parent:pinkie pie (3156)parent:prince blueblood (724)parent:rainbow dash (4393)parent:rarity (3071)parents:blueshy (23)parents:cheesepie (1210)parents:flashlight (1925)parent:soarin' (1946)parents:raririch (4)parents:soarindash (1473)parents:trenderjack (58)parent:trenderhoof (179)parent:twilight sparkle (6331)


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #C90C
I guess it’s assumed sense Rarity is the element of generosity and might accidentally spoil her foal, though it is possible she wouldn’t.
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Takugenji's avatar
And of course the Rarity foal is selfish. ugh making any of Rarity’s foals selfish is kinda a dumb thing to do unless you give a good reason for that selfish behavior. I mean it almost seems like she is selfish just because she is Rarity’s foal. It literally doesn’t help that she only has two other personality traits. Everyone else has either four or five. I just dislike the fact that a lot of people often make Rarity’s foals to be either selfish or manipulative.
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