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suggestive (113169)artist:tjpones (2648)sunset shimmer (50705)twilight sparkle (260701)alicorn (163803)pony (698859)unicorn (203664)... (1851)bedroom eyes (44401)bondage (26674)bust (31378)chest fluff (25795)comic (89643)dialogue (50692)eye contact (5697)floppy ears (41348)fluffy (11519)frown (19610)glare (7579)just one bite (97)kinky (177)night (19454)open mouth (104340)outdoors (5761)rope (8963)sad (20605)smiling (183389)smirk (9267)smugset shimmer (108)spongebob squarepants (2359):t (3309)tied up (3794)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102242)wide eyes (14314)


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I'll rule the world
Hahahahaha, well, that looks interesting………….

I mean, I’m not into that, it’s just……..I think is funny what’s going on……yeah………
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Twilight: "Wait, weren’t you Trixie when I tied you up? How…?"

Sunset: "A good magician never reveals her secrets."
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Comments34 comments posted