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Not eye floaters no, it's just things that happen/appear in your periphery vision for a split second that are never there when you turn to look at them. Usually caused by light reflecting off something at specific angles, actual things like spiders/bugs, or you trippin' because of lack of sleep.

Wait a minute, I've heard something similar to this…

Hang on, I'm gonna look this up.

O_O Oh son of a bitch…
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You know what the best part is?
They actually sourced it and linked back to it here on derpi. some EQD staff are excessively bad at sourcing images made by other people when it isnt part of the drawfriend dumps.
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I was going to reply with a Derpy/Dinky image from Briskby, but she's on the DNP list so the image isn't here for me to use, doggone it.

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352 doesn't terrify me in ways I didn't even realize existed in the first place, so it's already ahead of most SCPs. It's just a giant bug that hunts by skirting around the edge of its prey's field of vision (hence the codename 'Peripheral Jumper').