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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full Amigato, an amateur cybernatic scientist and part-time private investigator, tries his hand at model painting as a stress-relieving hobby, but starts to chicken out in the heat after realizing he was gonna draw a hot nude female model
full Not feeling confident over drawing humans (let alone naked girls), he decided to paint an alternative/counteractive interpretation of artistic nudity
Treehugger Design by Zorbitas
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suggestive159591 artist:meiyeezhu332 tree hugger3067 oc776649 oc:amigato3 human180217 on your marks947 amateur30 anime6166 artist237 artistic nudity808 bandana5849 bandeau1003 blue underwear2532 blushing221592 bra17863 buttons333 canvas422 chair7706 clothes518342 comic117576 crocs41 drawing5004 dreadlocks649 easel393 glasses71469 hippie604 humanized105660 humanized ponified human151 modeling328 necklace23369 nervous6466 nude model167 old master q505 paintbrush1849 painting4034 palette210 panties54480 pants17043 parody16194 pink underwear4427 pocket217 pose6940 scene interpretation9382 screen420 shirt29074 shorts15884 slippers1097 stripping631 thong6622 top410 traditional art125582 uncomfortable323 underwear66628 undressing5595 unexpected145


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Come to think of it, if Amigato were to re-adjust the clothes, he could make a painting of a figurative life contemporary origami-like sculpture of Tree Hugger (then again, she would get rather suspicious if he did so)

From the preview, I thought it was him painting a nude girl when his girlfriend walked in, and the last panel was the (clothed) girlfriend sitting in the chair for him to paint instead.