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safe1919694 artist:ncmares723 applejack184762 rainbow dash254917 earth pony338794 pegasus382777 pony1267206 appledash7139 applejack is not amused897 butt touch5806 commission91798 drunk5431 drunker dash437 feathermarking125 female1554934 freckles34785 hat104106 lesbian106548 looking at each other26204 mare588351 never doubt tchernobog's involvement74 shipping224768 tongue out123850


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Applejack Gonna Kick Rainbow Dash In T-minus 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and there goes RD ending up on Twilights castle !

This is shipping? More like Rainbow is so damn drunk she can’t even count how many apples on AJ’s cutiemark.
And AJ is like: I’ll rip off dat wing if she touches me again.

What on earth makes this image lesbian, and shipping?
Someone please explain this to me, you saying if a drunk person inrl touches you, you both love each other? :P
There’s something wrong with that xD
then again, this is Derpi, and in Derpi, any physical contact anywhere on the body means love