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The concept of Sunset as Frisk…it fills you with Determination.

Also Mojot needs to do R34 I mean look at that Celestia holy fuck.
safe1707538 artist:mojot132 princess celestia95080 sunset shimmer63076 equestria girls200633 breasts277968 busty princess celestia10235 clothes460051 crossover62281 daily sunset111 dress44576 female1364166 frisk205 horn67449 kneeling8722 multicolored hair5578 sunbutt4050 toriel214 torielestia27 undertale1725


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"Hello! Starlight, are you there? It's me! Your best friend.

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is he alive?
@Background Pony #B71E
I was more referring to how Sunset, in pony canon, was Celestia's student before having a conniption and turning evil for a while. One might say that she fell. Just a play on words.
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Chara is the fallen child, so in this picture it doesn't make sense to think of sunset as the fallen child.
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There's already a Fanfiction about this. Except the only character that is replaced is Frisk with Sunset.