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safe1709062 artist:sergeantbuck6 artist:speedyhimura3 rainbow dash234225 pegasus292780 anthro260704 2010s100 2011190 absurd resolution66271 big breasts82262 blue fur358 boots22083 breasts278259 busty rainbow dash8179 cleavage34637 clothes460546 commission68676 confident782 denim shorts708 electric guitar983 female1365522 fingerless gloves4670 gloves20141 guitar4978 huge breasts38374 multicolored hair5593 multicolored mane1562 multicolored tail1193 musical instrument10513 partial nudity20545 pink eyes683 rainbow hair2432 rainbow tail280 rockstar35 sexy29511 shoes36844 shorts14013 simple background394336 smiling249223 solo1065976 stupid sexy rainbow dash2626 tail27926 tanktop7711 tomboy1134 white background98139


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After a bit more investigation, I discovered that this was a duplicate of

Can someone delete/merge?