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explicit478766 grimdark30904 artist:olyagon3324 part of a set24338 fluttershy261114 starlight glimmer60644 pegasus507230 anthro365215 g42053016 abuse9673 anal37469 anus139912 ass81430 both cutie marks14522 brainwashing819 broken english166 broken rape victim361 butt235775 complete nudity7820 dialogue95457 dirty talk825 dock72753 engrish1781 equal cutie mark1802 equalized566 female1828510 femsub14613 flutterbuse746 futa62507 futa on female15776 futa pov806 futa starlight glimmer765 futadom2160 horsecock101073 intersex64977 large butt34587 mind break1772 mind control4861 nudity520407 offscreen character53382 penis216793 pov20562 raised tail25597 rape9181 sex174591 sex noises1267 ship:glimmershy55 speech bubble40844 starlight glimmer raping fluttershy7 submission386 submissive23802 tail106697 vulva194070


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It's bad. In a good way!
“Try ordering food in another country. You might butcher the pronunciation, but people will like that you took the time to try.”  
And then when the meal you get ends up being something else? Sorry, but your example has a hilarious flaw.
The problem is that if MOST of your picture is gonna be words, you should take the time to actually check the spelling. You don’t need to do your best and then hope, when there are spell checkers all over the net, and many English people you can ask to check it over. There is simply never an actual reason to spell badly.
English is a terrible language though.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

true, there is a difference. Well I’d say then the middle ground is to just ask the artist nicely to post the picture with no dialog. I’m just saying that I don’t hate it when people try to use language they’re not used to. preferences and to each their own and whatnot. Still a good piece of porn.

Trying to order food and trying to hold a raunchy conversation are two different things, though. Again, the art is nice, but some of us get off on the dialogue. It being stilted or poorly-translated kinda kills the mood, much in the same way that someone who speaks English writing clop with terrible grammar would.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I for one like it when foreigners try to use another language. It shows that they’re willing to put out there work to a wider audience even if it’s out of there comfort zone. It shows you care a bit more than just putting it in whatever language and saying “someone else will translate it eventually”. Try ordering food in another country. You might butcher the pronunciation, but people will like that you took the time to try.
Background Pony #17A9
Let’s Keep this lewd train comming Evil Starlight promoting Futadom society and stealing cutie marks is god tier even if the English is not perfect.
Background Pony #4F0B
@Background Pony #924B  
You`re the same guy who commented on paheal, right? With the same phrase and emoticon. Stop acting all defensive, it makes you sound like the artist himself.