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explicit354990 grimdark29622 artist:olyagon3323 part of a set12681 fluttershy214651 starlight glimmer49148 anthro264085 unguligrade anthro49205 abuse7891 ahegao25134 all fours3182 anal27876 big breasts83578 blushing200634 brainwashing479 breasts282677 broken english137 broken rape victim281 busty fluttershy17558 busty starlight glimmer2485 complete nudity3992 dialogue66420 dilated pupils607 doggy style7822 drool25149 engrish1570 equal cutie mark1484 equalized477 female1379392 femsub10894 flutterbuse608 from behind13527 full body2277 futa46377 futa on female11736 futa starlight glimmer532 futadom1721 glimmershy48 hanging breasts1195 heart49089 intersex44273 mind break1401 mind control3412 misspelling2439 nipples170762 nudity375254 obscured penetration2207 open mouth149499 penetration59420 penis155916 rape8140 s5 starlight1866 sex123072 sex noises820 softcore2218 stalin glimmer461 starlight glimmer raping fluttershy7 submission305 submissive16900 tongue out105827


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Background Pony #CA18
All mares are born equal, but some mares are more equal to others.
Mare is such a magnificent creature indeed.
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Young Leosword
If the commissioner isn't whitekitten, I'll assume the commissioner is instead…

…GuyWhoSpanksCaptainPlanet. :D

I'm obviously joking. I suppose this is a roundabout method of asking "Who is the commissioner?" X3
Darth Sonic
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.

Well, no, not really. Starlight seems to be creating a caste system here, with females sub or dom being made subs, and males/futas sub or dom being made doms. With Starlight at the top of course.