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explicit326729 artist:dimwitdog1677 princess celestia91126 anthro239875 anus89722 ass44652 breasts253833 busty princess celestia9583 cake9187 cakelestia1025 cheating231 clothes425399 eating8980 exercise630 female1284939 food64180 magic68356 nudity343199 raised tail13977 small wings345 solo1002442 solo female171491 sunbutt3757 tail22221 that princess sure does love cake15 vulva117037


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21 comments posted
Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
We were talking about actual exercise, yo (well, I was anyway).

The idea of practicing magic to become better at it is just… I dunno, it kind of obviously implies that you'll get better at it, regardless of the specific training involved. That's less of a headcanon and more or less an implied circumstance within the parameters of the show.

Twilight practices magic = Twilight gets better at magic


Celestia practices magic = The same damn thing happens
C Money
Duck - bundle of quacks

Celestia… You don't have to experience if you don't have to. Yes, that cake will go to your ass and thighs. And they look really good right now!
Background Pony #7CE8
What I wouldn't give to plant my face between those soft, round, thick cheeks….maximum unf dimwit, maximum.