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I'm dumb and I couldn't get the flashing text to work. I'll make a new one if I do.

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ummm sounds like a good theory i also thought of something similar except if the last one was fallout equestria or better said leaving equestria devoid of life next one was probably going to be cessation of existence still we can all agree it was going to be the most horrible thing the show could have given to us
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Because you always know what to do in every single incident you encounter. Nothing ever surprises you or leaves you lacking a plan.


That's exactly what Twilight did. But certainly you, oh sage, already knew that.
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More like she wasn't going to try reasoning with one of the least rational ponies she'd ever met until she was sure there wasn't another option.

I think I know what the next one would have been.

Picture that going unchecked. Two worlds reduced to a tangled mess of rips in the fabric of time and space. Seem bad enough?
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I can't believe that Twilight had to fuck it up like 7 times before she came up with a "plan", now imagine if she didn't had the scroll with her.