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@C Money
The IDW interpretations of the characters are really not taken into account in the show. I mean, there are some times where things seem to happen somewhat in-line with the comic. Sometimes, some ideas are taken from it. But, the show really doesn’t take it into account much. Not saying that Celestia couldn’t be that powerful. It’s just that Celestia really just that devicive in the show canon. I really do want that character to be explored more. It feels like so many have slowly been getting some development, even if it isn’t too often or too much. Celestia, however, is still very much an enigma. At least we saw that she will fight a war if she has to. That’s a big thing that a lot of people weren’t sure of.
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C Money
Duck - bundle of quacks

Well, in the comics she said that she could’ve easily taken care of all those situations. She told this to spike, and also told him that she let twilight experience the situations to make her stronger.
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Truth's Deathless Voice
The main I problem I had with these duels is that Twilight seems to have way less endurance than Glimmer. Glimmer is using significantly more magical power than Twilight, considering that she is both levitating and firing polar rays, and they both get tired at around the same time. Is Twilight anemic or something? How does she not have both more magic reserves and more potent magic than Glimmer? Twilight also seems to require more time and effort to manifest her polar rays, which is also baffling.

She seems even or outclassed in every category of magical expertise except breadth of experience, which makes no difference in a fight that is composed entirely of aerial maneuvering and direct attacks. Someone please convince this mare to read some books on dueling and magical combat.
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