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Don’t feel like waiting for Halloween again. Made another Nightmare Rarity comic. Tried something time stop themed this time around.
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explicit478774 grimdark30905 artist:kanashiipanda629 nightmare rarity3460 rarity219457 twilight sparkle361023 alicorn319337 pony1627681 comic:royal moment11 kanashiipandaverse141 g42053043 :37084 abdominal bulge10045 abuse9673 aftersex12724 ahegao34642 anatomically correct36545 anus139915 bad touch781 balls111632 balls deep2457 belly45870 biting5318 blushing279043 both cutie marks14522 butt235776 casual nudity10049 cervical contact1440 cervix2530 comic136826 creampie46359 cum107073 cum belly2172 cum inflation5264 cum on hair2607 cum on tail423 cum string2555 cumming32549 dialogue95460 dock72753 doggy style10507 ear bite1939 embarrassed15542 emotionless184 emotionless sex5 evil smile6562 face down ass up11645 faic14977 female1828556 femsub14614 floppy ears74078 from behind18840 full comic365 futa62507 futa nightmare rarity233 futa on female15776 futa rarity3426 futadom2160 glowing genitals909 glowing horn29534 glowing penis309 grin63971 horn203459 horsecock101073 inflation12725 instant orgasm2 internal cumshot4442 intersex64977 levitation16437 magic97906 magic abuse662 mare757813 molestation1982 nightmare rarity raping twilight sparkle4 nudity520414 open mouth242574 orgasm18952 panting3945 penetration90221 penis216797 plot147160 ponut65275 puffy vulva1910 raised hoof71430 rape9181 saddle bag8355 sex174594 sex noises1267 smiling405711 smirk18395 speech bubble40845 submissive23803 telekinesis39614 time stop35 tongue out149671 twiface1092 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150755 twilybuse736 underhoof70039 vagina54921 vaginal58674 vaginal secretions54176 vulva194074 wavy mouth5639 x-ray11238 za warudo73


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Background Pony #2537
It’s rape how? Several of TS/NR comics by the same author spell out clearly TS is perfectly aware of what is going on and could have dispelled the charm but goes along for fun…

It’s a common trope in time freeze gimmicks for the freezer to still be able to manipulate the world around him.
Also, certain types of rape are more grimdark than others. Not all rapes are created equal.
Azure Blackstone

You know, I know exactly how this needs to end: Twilight tying up Nightmarity and riding her until all the cum in those balls is completely spent. And then it ends with the both of them sleeping it off on Twilight’s massive cum-stuffed belly.

@Background Pony #AF4E
can you explain to me how it makes any sense at all? If time was truly stopped, then how would have Twilight’s body reacted at all, technically she would not have been able to open Twilight’s pussy since her body was frozen, in essence, it would have been insanely dry and stupidly hard to do. This whole comic is just filled of “what” that only makes sense IF twilight was actually not frozen the whole time and knew exactly what was going on the entire time. in which case it’s not rape at all, (which would be better, because rape is disgusting and yay inrl if you did it see you in jail sucka)
imagine if they jailed people for drawing it too, meanwhile they actually do jail people for having certain images, like children, so, heh.
anyway, I’ll probably just leave this one hidden behind the grimdark tag as seeing it as rape and impossibilities ruins it.
Background Pony #2CA3
I’ve had a time stop fetish for a long time. About time people saw what they were missing.
Background Pony #3FD2
is there a tag for that? time stop and the all the pleasure at once - what do you call that?