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Based on the Chinese comic panels from: full
What do you think Indigo Zap and Rainbow Dash should do next in order to escape this sticky situation?! Type in your answer below and I’ll have my Officer Techy Texas judge on the outcome!
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suggestive188815 artist:meiyeezhu341 indigo zap2926 rainbow dash277452 oc936865 oc:techy texas2 equestria girls253356 friendship games14285 g42008104 blonde hair1262 blue hair1960 breasts385433 bush4518 caught4344 charge163 clothes625982 comic134187 crystal prep academy uniform4122 duel341 eyepatch3920 female1782038 funny5438 goggles18235 grass field1432 hand on butt4223 humanized118176 humanized ponified human159 indigodash11 katana1269 kissing32155 law enforcement11 lesbian116548 lesbian in front of boys447 make love not war9 making out981 male543424 old master q505 outdoors20766 park1563 parody17362 police1504 police officer1049 police uniform780 policeman3 reference5404 running8012 school uniform9420 shipping251373 shocking27 skirt54656 surprised12659 sword14676 sword duel1 sword fight84 traditional art141740 unexpected189 weapon40752


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Background Pony #1F29
These two better be as convincing as possible.  
If they fail to win the police officer over he will give a very severe punishment to those naughty girls and teach them a lesson they will never forget.

I wasn’t expecting that, more based around Indigo and Dash just going further and further with one another to try showing that they weren’t going to do anything illegal.
… Well, aside from sex in public, of course.
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Artist -

(Officer Techy): I find your lack of subtlety disturbing….
I can put you both in juvie for attempted bribery of a police officer and solicitation of sex, along with conspiracy to commit murder with a deadly weapon
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Artist -

(Officer Techy instantly rushes in and grabs Indigo’s combat hand with left hand and thrusts palm into her face, before kneeing her into the groin)
I know kenjutsu too, b!tch!!!
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Dash, start singing to distract him. Indigo, retrieve sword, get drop on cop, use sword to keep him from moving while Dash disarms him.
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Artist -

Prison Warden: You’re lucky your lawyer only got you a lesser charge of disturbing the peace or else I’ll have you mopping blood off the floors at the SHU!
Background Pony #1037
First of all, this is NOT considered legitimate shipping, since this was all forced upon by each other!
It may not be legitimate shipping, but people searching for this pairing a year or two from now might still want to find this pic via such a tag.