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Attempted regicide.
safe1708991 artist:foxi-559 princess celestia95121 princess luna99213 alicorn224933 pony970050 spider1756 2spooky212 arachnophobia100 boo132 cake9809 cakelestia1079 clothes460510 costume27470 cute200184 dialogue65636 duo61553 eyes closed93806 faint406 fainting goat42 featureless crotch6911 female1365432 grin38642 legs in air3896 lunabetes3552 mare481846 on back24415 smiling249191 spoon1373 spread wings54828 squee1961 tea3063 teacup2917 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon257


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Blacklight Shining

Spider costumes for ponies should take advantage of the fact that they already have four legs!
Cover those four in spider-colored cloth, and have four more fake ones (two in the front, two in the back), and bam.

The Cynical Art Critic
I don't… See how this is suggestive? We've seen ponies laying on their backs all the time in the show. Now if she was laying in a way that looked like she was trying to seduce Luna or talking about how they should 'spin some webs together' or something I might be able to see it.
Background Pony #42B2
what really happen

>the cake saw Luna costume and it fell from plate because it wanted run away from scary monster
>cake forgot to use parachute
>it died tragic death
>Celestia went LE GASP and then "brain error 404"