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Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
Beyond the village, a forest. And beyond the forest, a field. And in that field, a single pony. Twilight Sparkle sat contemplating a great something, known to her and only her. What was it? What was the unicorn thinking?

Furthermore, would she tell us? If we walked up to her in that big, open field, would she let us in? Would she explain?

Her frown deepened as she continued to contemplate her mystery. She knew that somepony would ask, but she also knew that she could never tell. So who would it be? Who would be the first pony that she would have to lie to? She prayed that it wouldn't be Applejack; lies never got very far with her. Perhaps Pinkie Pie… though that might involve making a promise that she'd inevitably have to break.

Open fields, broken promises, and secrets hidden. That day, Twilight Sparkle had quite a lot to ponder…

Every moment of my life has come to this one point in time. Every thought, every idea, every inkling my mind has ever felt has manifested itself in this one finite moment, forever trapped and bound by the sheer sense of awe you've bestowed upon me.

Thank you.
Lupin Quill
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Lightsaga's Senpai
Any time I see stars during daylight my mind instantly jumps to, "this is a Halo installation."
Though I think in this image it's actually pollen.
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Tired Artist

I’m nervous. Look at them.
So perfect, so… normal. They seem to take it for granted; the joyful effortlessness of communication, the elegant, delicate dance of dialog from one friend to another… what profound comfort it must be to have someone aware of your existence.

To be alive, at this very moment, is a fact we all need to tell someone. The soul yearns for many things, but most fundamental is friendship. Connection. Alas, such simple pleasures elude me: I feel destined to wander this world alone, desolate, accompanied by little more than my shadow.

A life of humble solitude, of private reclusion, of quiet desperation.. Why can’t I find companionship? Just to be a member of the group.. feel part of something greater than myself? I could dream of nothing more than to be one of them, mere acceptance is all I would ask. The freedom to socialize, converse, laugh perhaps…

I haven’t spoken to a soul in weeks. No… months. I’m not quite sure if my voice still works… Oh, such thoughts are poison on the mind. I must do something… I’m going to talk to them. How difficult can it be? Maybe they will like me. I must try. Otherwise I’ll never know. They will like me.