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safe1861419 artist:rapidstrike281 applejack180910 fluttershy227669 pinkie pie229594 rainbow dash249403 rarity194880 twilight sparkle319942 alicorn253533 pony1205717 #bearstack2 animated106446 applejack riding pinkie pie5 female1501054 fluttershy riding rarity4 mane six33922 mare557071 pinkie pie riding twilight42 ponies riding ponies2609 ponies riding ponies riding ponies28 ponies riding ponies riding ponies riding ponies6 rainbow dash riding applejack29 rarity riding rainbow dash12 riding8005 standing16145 tower of pony248 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132390 walking5585 wat20080 we bare bears66 yo dawg39


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Background Pony #9626
Notice how they’re stacked from the best pony carrying the burden to the worst pony just riding.