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safe2173508 artist:dracojayproduct311 princess luna117163 queen chrysalis42156 spitfire15701 oc947079 oc:pierson97 oc:willow194 pony1601709 comic:lunar isolation202 g42027535 comic135377 dark magic3166 grin62946 high res407759 magic96585 nom3548 smiling397116 sombra eyes4202


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I can’t help but notice a mistake about the magic.  
The fancy multicoloured stuff with the funny eyes is what Twilight called Alicorn Magic when she used it on Zecora’s potion.  
The magic Rarity got from the cursed book in Inspiration Manifestation was referred to as Dark Magic by Twilight though.l  
Just a minor nitpick I know.
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I think the author has already stated that Sombra has no connection to the plot of this story at all and the similar eyes is just meant to throw people off. Could be wrong, though.

This whole thing could be an illusion, maybe. Sombra’s magic was certainly all about those illusions. Maybe there’s no Changelings at all, and she’s just caught in one of his patented scary doors.

I have trouble believing the Princess of the Night can’t just vanish or slink away in that cloud thingy Nightmare Moon transformed into.
I guess she could just not be willing to leave her escort behind.