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applejack from mlp drawn in animal jam classic! yeehaw

safe2176389 artist:junniepiepoopop23 applejack200698 earth pony447165 pony1604587 g42031046 alternate design6065 animal jam60 apple21254 applejack's hat14492 blaze (coat marking)3835 blonde mane915 blonde tail406 bowtie15022 chest fluff65681 coat markings13594 colored belly281 colored hooves12366 countershading853 cowboy hat25786 emanata2917 eyelashes26683 facial markings6214 female1804917 floating heart6293 food101421 freckles44029 green background4945 green eyes9822 hat124412 heart76642 long mane7354 long tail5584 looking back86683 mare742399 pale belly3167 ponytail27198 profile8254 raised hoof70060 shiny hooves301 simple background597384 smiling398039 solo1427663 standing25117 straw in mouth1524 tail101214 text89758 tied mane228 tied tail218 unshorn fetlocks46917 wingding eyes40537 yellow text64


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