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chryssy is a sore loser. her n trixie have so much in common :3
#trixie would be chryssys favorite of the group i think

safe2189568 artist:tottallytoby130 part of a set24067 queen chrysalis42423 trixie79822 changeling66497 changeling queen24136 pony1619404 unicorn545251 g42045593 alternate hairstyle38395 alternate universe13252 beanbrows1218 blue eyes13125 blue mane3941 cape14629 carapace111 card trick52 clothes641303 colored hooves12686 colored horn1729 comic136360 dialogue94805 eye clipping through hair15188 eyebrows25421 eyelashes27197 facial markings6503 fangs40704 female1819649 folded wings20566 frown36508 glowing19584 glowing horn29375 green eyes10120 hat125733 horn198743 insect wings683 lidded eyes48886 long eyelashes468 magic97423 mare752547 open mouth240863 open smile32548 raised hoof70869 short mane1952 smiling402792 speech bubble40442 straight mane419 talking11000 teal mane115 telekinesis39389 text90729 trixie's cape5216 trixie's hat6195 wings227152


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