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chryssy is a sore loser. her n trixie have so much in common :3
#trixie would be chryssys favorite of the group i think

safe2172188 artist:tottallytoby116 part of a set23599 queen chrysalis42138 trixie79498 changeling65855 changeling queen23857 pony1600347 unicorn537001 g42026931 :<1578 alternate hairstyle37853 alternate universe13021 beanbrows1170 blue eyes12638 blue mane3739 blue tail1185 cape14471 carapace101 card3406 card trick52 clothes633479 coat markings13412 colored eyebrows1476 colored hooves12226 colored horn1614 colored pinnae780 comic135257 dialogue92574 ear fluff50536 ear tufts1562 exclamation point5660 eye clipping through hair14575 eyebrows24463 eyebrows visible through hair11631 eyelashes26615 facial markings6112 fangs40011 female1800310 folded wings19879 frown36092 glowing19073 glowing horn29100 green eyes9752 hat124034 horn189395 insect wings663 leonine tail14076 lidded eyes47921 long eyelashes450 magic96501 mare739492 narrowed eyes1670 one eye closed45657 open mouth237105 open smile31077 raised hoof69760 short mane1822 smiling396748 speech bubble39071 splotches124 straight mane329 tail100222 talking10778 teal mane97 telekinesis38999 text89423 trixie's cape5159 trixie's hat6132 wings222385 wink32877


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