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Skywind said:
Oh Honourshine since we’re now alone together I have a personal private question to ask you Tell me something during your travels have you ever try looking for any information about who your parents were, where you came from, or any info about my parents all this time?! […]
Now that you and Honourshine are alone, you decide to broach a more personal subject. You ask her if she’s learned anything over the years about who her parents were, or where she came from.
Honourshine: “No… nothing beyond what Matron told us.”
You think back to how Matron Kindleheart had explained it to you. According to her, the two of you were brought in by a grizzled unicorn. She didn’t get a good look at his face under his large grey beard and wide-brimmed hat, nor did she catch his name. He only told her that he had found the two of you lying unconscious in the middle of nowhere, and thanked her for agreeing to take you in.
Then, he vanished into the night. Nopony else in town had seen nor heard of him before or after that day. Where you originated from was a complete mystery; surely, had your parents been looking for you, word would have reached Foalshire sooner or later, you figured. But it never did.
Honourshine: “It never made sense to me. On our first day at the orphanage, we both woke up with no memories of what came before. But we already knew our own and each other’s names, didn’t we?”
You nod. You remember feeling a strong connection to Honourshine from the very first moment, as though you had always been together. Like soulmates!
Honourshine: “Or siblings.”
… Or soulmates! After all, you did get your cutie marks at the same time, like soulmates do.
Honourshine: “Fair enough, Prince Charming; but if we knew who we were at the time, then how come we didn’t know who our own parents were?”
That is a very good question. One, you suspect, only the grizzled unicorn may know the answer to — if anypony does at all.
Honourshine: “It’s so frustrating. Matron knew the stories behind every other foal under her care. And she wasn’t alone, either; the tragedies that leave somepony in an orphanage are few and far between. They leave a scar upon the towns where they happen. But us? It’s like nopony remembers us. Like our whole lives up until that point were erased from history!”
Sensing the bitterness in Honourshine’s tone, you silently open your legs and wings to offer her a hug. With a resigned sigh, she shuffles closer, and takes refuge in your soft, loving embrace.
Honourshine: “It’s just that… when I got a cutie mark in studying the past, I thought I would finally find the answers, you know?”
You nod, then gaze into your foalhood friend’s eyes, and tell her that perhaps you’ll find the answers… together! That seems to foist a grin onto her reluctant muzzle.
Honourshine: “Can you not be so cheerful? I’m brooding here.”
Her words echo in your mind. You remember them from your younger days, along with how you used to respond. And so, as though you were foals again, you playfully begin to rub your nose against hers affectionately. Without fail, she pulls away from the hug, and turns to hide the smile on her face.
Honourshine: “Blaze, I swear… you know me too well sometimes.”
You retort that she knows you just as well. She looks back at you, thinks it over, then shrugs.
Honourshine: “I suppose you’re right. At this rate, we’ll be able to f—”
Finish each other’s sentences, you guess.
Honourshine: “Is… that a soulmate thing?”
You admit that you don’t know. In fact, what little you do know about soulmates, you read in a book once because it had the word mate on its cover. You also recall feeling mislead, and never finishing it.
Honourshine: “Hm. That is something you’d do…”
You grin sheepishly. Somehow, you can feel that Honourshine is about to dig up some embarrassing memories of a younger, more inexperienced Trailblazer. If you hope to avoid this fate, then you must find an activity to distract her with, and fast.
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