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safe2200449 artist:xkittycreatorx3 applejack202634 rainbow dash283207 soarin'18027 twilight sparkle361526 oc961353 oc:comet soar2 alicorn320064 earth pony515908 pegasus508685 pony1630918 g42056528 awww230 baby16854 baby pony9464 colt21030 crying56273 cute269567 daaaaaaaaaaaw7137 female1832321 foal46556 heartwarming1018 male560614 mare760160 newborn695 offspring50541 parent:rainbow dash7551 parent:soarin'3451 parents:soarindash2591 ship:soarindash7642 shipping257878 stallion200293 straight182134 swaddled52 swaddled baby71 swaddling105 tears of joy3554 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150942


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Background Pony #C5CF
Very heartwarming.
Rainbow deserves a baby. So strong yet gentle.
Nice Twylight and Applejack be there. It also be nice if FLurtershy, Fizzlepop, Pinkie, Flash Magnus, and Somnabuwlar be there.