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June 3, 2020 at 10:29:52 AM UTC
Best Friends Forever

safe2155123 artist:emeraldgalaxy154 applejack198827 fluttershy256160 pinkie pie253714 rainbow dash277409 rarity215908 twilight sparkle354814 earth pony438199 pegasus488269 pony1583114 unicorn529163 g42007514 applejack's hat14084 cheek fluff9209 cowboy hat25218 ear fluff49310 eyebrows23410 eyeshadow29288 female1781961 flower38730 folded wings18935 freckles43025 grin62047 group7680 hat122734 high res406221 hooves behind head447 horn179495 leaf1560 leaves3456 looking at you254706 looking up23630 lying down44772 makeup39392 mane six37335 mare728759 on back33600 open mouth233279 open smile29493 overhead view715 sextet380 signature42682 smiling390193 smiling at you23815 unicorn twilight32439 wings217225


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3-3/4" Army Man Fan
They’ve apparently found a way to work around DeviantArt’s lock out from downloading the full resolution images of pieces that weren’t uploaded with that option. So now they’re posting the full resolution images here, whereas the people who uploaded the older art didn’t have that option.
I hope they’re willing to share their secret on how they managed to do this.