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safe2155618 screencap294116 opaline arcana3091 sugar moonlight278 alicorn310371 earth pony438372 pony1583532 g573389 my little pony: make your mark10815 my little pony: make your mark chapter 51650 nightmare on mane street371 spoiler:g532174 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark chapter 51646 spoiler:mymc05e06371 female1782488 foal42984 male543548 mare729056 stallion191926 unnamed character4751 unnamed pony2852


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Background Pony #BBF4
Usually, they would send an angry mob to chase villains like her——-but THIS is beyond levels of cringe!
Background Pony #3090
That episode with Opaline walking around Maretime Bay with nopony taking her seriously reminds me of a rather disturbing movie Look Who’s Back, especially since Opaline’s worldview and intentions are basically the same.
Background Pony #E47D
Spoiler for those who have not yet watched the episode…
It seems that when you’re a legitimate villain intending to make real threats, going out to begin your reign of terror on Halloween night is a bad idea, because with everyone else wearing spooky costumes and being playfully scary, it’s difficult for anyone to take you seriously.