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My new O.C. Radiant Morning Shine. And she’s not just an ordinary pony, she is a very rare pony race called, Flutter Ponies. Flutter ponies are a unique race of pony very light weight (lighter than Pegasi), but also with delicate, translucent, fuzzy butterfly like wings. They once interacted with the three tribes of Equestria, but due to the severe conflict during the Medieval period of Equestria, the Flutter Ponies kept themselves divided from other creatures and Equestria, and were that way for almost 2100 years, they would be rediscovered during the modern and post war Equestria.
Radiant Morning Shine was the first pony of her kind to meet the other races again. And the land/village that the Flutter Ponies live at is called, “Flutter Valley”, which the ponies themselves called it. They had no defiance against the three pony tribes due to being unaware of their existence. This resulted in these ponies in overly trusting the ponies and putting themselves into danger. Another thing about their race is that they have no cutie marks.
Radiant Morning Shine is a very friendly and kind, but is somewhat skittish and wary. She is shy and very skittish at first but once getting to know her, she is very friendly. She was so friendly that she took her new friends from Equestria to her homelands.
By the way, she has the wings of a Western Swallowtail Butterfly. Just like in universe Griffons and Changelings, there are many variations of the Flutter Ponies meaning that Flutter Ponies can have the wings and coloration of various types of butterflies. Radiant Morning Shine and her family have the wings of Swallowtail Butterflies. Their coats are similar colors to the butterfly wings they have.
Flutter Ponies are a pony race from My Little Pony: Generation 1 here;,with20plants2C20trees20and%20flowers



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