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Techy Cutie Pony Collection!

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I finished the LMNOP crew!
Explanation (FYI, see the pony types):
P - Speedy, skinny, and hyper pegasus mare. Ponified P fits to be curly, just like Pinkie Pie. Cotton candy 😋. Based from this pony’s body (Loosey-Goosey). Her cutie mark is a cherry pie.
Q - On the other hand, Q is slow, short, and intelligent abada stallion. Sadly, there are no “slug ponies” or “snail ponies” in MLP universe, so I choose Abada, a Central African mythological creature instead for ponified Q. Abadas are very tall and fast, but Q is the opposite parts. Due to his short legs, he use a wheelchair. His cutie mark is a slug, definitely. Note that I drew his body/base by hand drawing.
R - Arrrr! Remember that I did the pirate R? One of his eye is blind. He has weird cow prints in his body. His cutie mark is raindrops. R is not short in the image, he opens his legs btw.
I traced them in screencaps, can’t credit bases because it’s very negligible.
Alphabet Lore belongs to Mike Salcedo
Made with Inkscape.
The SVG files are in a ZIP folder, Separated versions, & Cutie Marks:

safe2175699 artist:melisareb627 part of a set23700 abada104 earth pony446844 pegasus497080 pony1603994 .svg available10724 16:9332 abadafied4 absurd resolution67481 alphabet lore75 bag9628 clothes635082 cowprint1788 eyepatch3978 female1804277 gray background14539 headband5582 leonine tail14156 long sleeved shirt273 long sleeves1045 looking at you259617 male551289 mare742005 open mouth237836 p34 pirate3021 ponified50792 q177 r18 raised hoof70023 scrunchie618 shirt40484 simple background597025 species swap26662 stallion195879 tail101059 thin10009 trio26223 vector89943 wheelchair577


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