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safe1972201 artist:sharpycharot2 applejack187837 fluttershy238247 pinkie pie238638 rainbow dash259389 rarity203192 twilight sparkle333010 alicorn274588 earth pony361795 pegasus406985 unicorn446750 anthro315850 plantigrade anthro43046 apple19119 bag7523 book39323 chibi16560 clothes559505 cute236388 dashabetes10966 diapinkes11560 food87779 football1844 jackabetes7214 long skirt975 mane six35329 one eye closed39901 raribetes6392 roller skates1335 shyabetes16996 simple background501635 skates237 skirt48029 smiling331445 sports4906 twiabetes13857 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138597 white background130353 wink29637


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