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The story of my baby birdie, Playlist.
Playlist was the result of a one-night-stand between Mixtape and an old friend of his back from Fillinois. His friend wanted to get an abortion. However, after pleading with her, Mix and the mare were able to reach a legal settlement and paid her compensation, as if it was any other type of surrogacy. Playlist was born on July 6th, 2024 in Haynderson, Neighvada. After an adjustment period after birth, the mother went her separate way and Mix began his adventure as a single father.
However, Playlist would not grow up without a mother in her life. Warm Winds, Mix’s good friend from work, was there from the very beginning. Playing with the newborn foal and helping her friend get adjusted to being a dad. Inevitably, her parents began to date and inevitably got married. She would soon become a big sister to Field Fox and Sunflower, who would always crowd around her whenever she practiced and experimented with their piano.
Eventually, as everypony grew older, she would experience what every other adolescent pony does; getting her cutie mark. She earned it after she submitted one of her music tracks to an EDM music podcast and had it featured on their big friday night stream. From here, there was nowhere to go but up. She spent the rest of high school and her freshman year of university refining her craft and making high energy music everypony can tap their hooves to.
All her hard work culminated in getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to host the New Years Eve Countdown at the Wynd XS Nightclub on the Las Pegasus Strip. After the night died down and the sun began to rise on the year 2043, Playlist saw her dad waiting backstage for her with the biggest smile on his face. She bolted to him and latched onto him like she always had before. Mix held his daughter tight and let the tears fall down his cheeks. He was so proud of his baby birdie, and he was so happy that he could help her find her own passion in life.

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Mmhm. A&P line maintenance technician. Like many others in the world, Mixtape couldn’t find stable income working with his special talent, so he went to school and learned a trade that he was interested in.
I like the real world comparison that what you’re good at isn’t always gonna help you earn a living. The thing you always dreamed of doing doesn’t pan out like you expected. But just because he can’t live his dream doesn’t mean he can’t try to help his daughter live hers.
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