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MLPFiM was a big comfort show for me in high school! I finished the last seasons a few months back and thought I was way past due of some art of the girls 💖

safe2115652 artist:_tonestar_1 applejack196026 fluttershy251836 pinkie pie249806 rainbow dash272648 rarity212744 twilight sparkle349545 alicorn302265 earth pony421988 pegasus470374 pony1476504 unicorn511503 g41623825 cute256722 dashabetes11852 diapinkes12303 flying52657 heart71743 heart eyes27955 jackabetes7757 mane six36792 one eye closed43907 raribetes6867 shyabetes18612 smiling375959 spread wings88178 starry eyes5240 twiabetes14937 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145914 wingding eyes37127 wings207396 wink31890


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