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This was a massive undertaking born from mentioning the collab around a group of friends that got way out of hand. Several of these OCs pair with another, and several have a trend that might be discoverable by the names of many of them. Alas, I at least recorded it for a speedpaint, lol. At least now, I have a drawing tablet on the way, so I’ll never have to draw with three-fingers-on-a-trackpad again.
I’m also sure I’m missing some tags, I just threw out whatever came to mind
safe1993588 artist:those kids in the corner69 oc848306 oc:axis11 oc:black lake2 oc:chaos bringer6 oc:daewon2 oc:dried petals9 oc:evergreen51 oc:highland horizon2 oc:ki kanmuri2 oc:midnight arcana2 oc:midsummer sonata2 oc:roving discovery2 oc:silverlight20 oc:slumbering sequoia2 oc:spark46 oc:stargazer134 oc:swift ranger2 oc:tuscon bluffs2 oc:watercress2 unnamed oc2593 alicorn278594 bat pony65270 earth pony371423 kirin12808 pegasus415977 pony1346308 unicorn456457 2023 community collab774 derpibooru community collaboration5454 baby13861 baby pony8358 bandage6812 bandaid2592 crutches59 foal31186 jewelry93310 simple background511546 speedpaint available440 transparent background251446


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