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Uploaded on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24, 2022
Separate 2023 Community Collaboration submission of me and Killer Epic from the Thanksgiving 2022 vector at >>2994547. πŸπŸ‚πŸ˜‡
Unlike the Thanksgiving picture, this transparent background vector is Derpibooru Exclusive. 😌✨
Pose for both ponies based on >>2384008
My eleventh submission of the Collab is finally my own. More helpful ones coming soon. πŸ₯°

safe2089064 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan681 derpibooru exclusive38010 oc901928 oc only657075 oc:killer epic35 oc:nocturnal vision69 alicorn296336 pony1447901 2023 community collab775 derpibooru community collaboration5455 fallout equestria21931 my little pony: the movie21067 rainbow roadtrip1798 .svg available10486 2022762 absurd resolution74046 adorable face1881 alicorn oc34921 aura1085 belt8625 belt buckle533 best friends841 blue1522 bomber jacket738 brown eyes1085 clothes599704 colored wings12310 colored wingtips2312 copycat23 cross1068 cross necklace124 cute252092 cute face260 cute smile160 cuternal vision16 dark blue16 drawstrings37 duo148776 electric guitar1659 fallout equestria oc218 female1709802 fender stratocaster30 fire14905 folded wings16690 fretboard3 friendcest16 glowing16165 gradient mane2167 gradient tail829 gradient wings1519 gray457 guardian180 guitar6364 gun19856 hair2969 hair over eyes1662 hair over one eye12143 handgun3835 happy41894 happy thanksgiving day3 happy thanksgiving day 20223 hazel eyes53 holiday30558 holly2105 hood1925 hoodie19274 hoof heart1741 horn134783 inkscape2434 jacket18283 jewelry103744 killer epicute5 killervision16 leather2765 leather jacket5022 lincoln brewster35 looking at you240069 loose hair2257 magic92225 magic aura8154 male517679 male alicorn335 male alicorn oc142 male and female216 mare684095 movie accurate1763 musical instrument14563 musician328 necklace29703 nocturnal vision's striped hoodie34 oc x oc21971 ocbetes8560 pipbuck4229 pistol2760 pointing5434 ponified48857 ponified music artist35 ponysona3360 pose8152 raised hoof65296 realistic mane67 revolver1975 scarf30318 security74 shipping242307 silver114 simple background557457 smiling366832 smiling at you19721 spiky mane118 standing21820 straight169394 strap93 striped hoodie50 striped mane647 striped scarf1277 striped tail312 svg5088 tail83943 telekinesis37096 thanksgiving481 three quarter view2661 tongue out138808 transparent background270687 two toned mane5003 two toned tail2360 underfoot456 underhoof65598 vector87375 waving3989 weapon39340 white532 wing sleeves343 wings200732 zipper1089


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