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Fallen Oak charity art pack - Nuclear Neighs and Deco Days

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Uploaded on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24, 2022
Separate 2023 Community Collaboration submission of me and Killer Epic from the Thanksgiving 2022 vector at >>2994547. πŸπŸ‚πŸ˜‡
Unlike the Thanksgiving picture, this transparent background vector is Derpibooru Exclusive. 😌✨
Pose for both ponies based on >>2384008
My eleventh submission of the Collab is finally my own. More helpful ones coming soon. πŸ₯°

safe2208203 artist:php178692 derpibooru exclusive41307 oc965625 oc only703321 oc:killer epic35 oc:nocturnal vision71 alicorn322026 pony1638561 2023 community collab773 derpibooru community collaboration6178 fallout equestria23520 g42063321 my little pony: rainbow roadtrip1850 my little pony: the movie21533 .svg available10793 20221096 absurd resolution68126 adorable face1990 alicorn oc37045 aura1167 belt9790 belt buckle622 best friends957 blue1582 bomber jacket811 brown eyes1432 clothes649484 colored wings15554 colored wingtips3162 copycat23 cross1193 cross necklace193 cute270828 cute face318 cute smile193 cuternal vision17 dark blue16 drawstrings51 duo183364 electric guitar1802 fallout equestria oc268 female1841646 fender stratocaster32 fire16166 folded wings21596 fretboard3 friendcest16 glowing20327 gradient mane2906 gradient tail1271 gradient wings1934 gray487 guardian182 guitar6719 gun21114 hair3451 hair over eyes1887 hair over one eye13252 handgun4231 happy45601 happy thanksgiving day3 happy thanksgiving day 20223 hazel eyes66 holiday35552 holly2286 hood2132 hoodie21151 hoof heart2273 horn209886 inkscape2517 jacket20640 jewelry117586 killer epicute5 killervision16 leather3419 leather jacket5422 lincoln brewster35 looking at you267543 loose hair2501 magic98542 magic aura9440 male564055 male alicorn420 male alicorn oc215 male and female365 mare765631 movie accurate1923 musical instrument15527 musician336 necklace33509 nocturnal vision's striped hoodie35 oc x oc24591 ocbetes9116 pipbuck4487 pistol3019 pointing5862 ponified51706 ponified music artist36 ponysona3833 pose8815 raised hoof72285 realistic mane84 revolver2134 scarf32626 security91 shipping258745 silver128 simple background614563 smiling410168 smiling at you27843 spiky mane212 standing26849 straight182819 strap99 striped hoodie51 striped mane893 striped scarf1835 striped tail499 svg5192 tail109667 telekinesis39900 thanksgiving530 three quarter view2951 tongue out150787 transparent background291502 two toned mane6622 two toned tail3389 underfoot503 underhoof70572 vector90765 waving4387 weapon42063 white546 wing sleeves384 wings232868 zipper1265


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