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Just wanna share some old sketches I did a couple of months back. It was when I was messing around with a cutesy style.
#mlp #mlpfim #mylittlepony #mlpfanart #mlpart #sketch #TwilightSparkle #PinkiePie #AppleJack #RainbowDash #Rarity #Fluttershy

safe2114858 artist:inkypuso238 applejack195972 fluttershy251748 pinkie pie249733 rainbow dash272563 rarity212693 twilight sparkle349458 alicorn302086 earth pony421494 pegasus469837 pony1475485 unicorn511073 g41381894 applejack's hat13540 cowboy hat24415 female1736547 folded wings17551 freckles41359 hat119200 horn139168 lying down41607 mane six36784 mare701075 monochrome171488 open mouth224586 open smile26078 prone33639 signature41370 simple background567855 sitting88127 sketch79478 smiling375650 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145867 wings207178


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