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princess twilight sparkle ig πŸ‘ΏπŸ¦„ sorry if its too saturated- [edit: MY EYES WERE PLAYING TRICKS ON ME ITS NOT]
Aug 23, 2021

safe2153476 artist:bland__boy37 twilight sparkle354576 alicorn309927 human240633 pony1581384 unicorn528318 g42006533 bandaid3100 book42946 clothes625279 compression shorts1513 cutie mark accessory785 cutie mark hair accessory110 dark skin8507 eared humanization3404 exclamation point5569 female1780215 glasses87251 hair accessory742 horn178504 horned humanization7988 human ponidox4133 humanized118091 leg warmers3570 moderate dark skin1200 multeity2999 necktie11024 pigtails6489 round glasses936 self ponidox10246 shorts19295 skirt54590 sweater19314 tailed humanization3413 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147990 twintails2281 unicorn twilight32374 white outline1466 winged humanization10029 wings216670


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