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While the Apples and Peaches got into another argument, the CMC and the HMC looked at each other.
“So y’all gonna say something mean to us again?” Apple Bloom asked, glumly.
“Oh, we got something to say to you alright,” Peach Blossom answered.
“That’s right,” Bluebell and Attie added, in unison.
“Oh no, here it comes!” Sweetie Belle covered her face, as the girls braced themselves.
“We’re sorry,” the HMC said, lowering their heads in guilt.
“Huh?!” The CMC were taken by surpise.
“We’re sorry we made fun y’all before,” Peach Blossom said.
“And for saying you were lousy performers,” Bluebell added.
“And terrible singers,” Attie put in.
“I’m confused?” Sweetie Belle said.
“Gettin’ into a fight with you and family today made me realize that it just ain’t worth it,” Peach Blossom said to Apple Bloom. “I mean, just cause our sisters don’t like each other doesn’t mean we have to be the same?”
“I guess that’s true,” Apple Bloom agreed. “And we’re sorry for fightin’ with you three too.”
“Yeah,” Sweetie Belle added.
“And we forgive you three,” Scootaloo said.
“Same here,” Attie said, and they all hugged it out.
“And to tell you the truth, Apple Bloom,” Peach Blossom continued. “I actually like that song you did with your family.”
“And I really don’t think your a terrible dancer, Sweetie Belle,” Bluebell said, drawing a small circle with her foot.
“And your singing’s really not ‘that’ bad, Scootaloo,” Attie admitted.
“Thanks,” the CMC smiled at the compliments.
“In fact, your music video inspired us to start our band,” Bluebell said.
“Really?” Apple Bloom asked.
“Yeah,” Peach Blossom nodded.
“Wow!” The girls marveled.
“So, thanks,” Attie said.
“Your welcome,” Scootaloo replied.
“We’re glad we were an inspiration to you three,” Apple Bloom stated.
But then they looked sad as Sweetie Belle continued, “We just wish our sisters and their friends would let us sing and play with their band like yours do.”
“I guess they really do think we’re terrible performers,” Scootaloo sighed, as she and her friends looked down in sorrow.
The HMC looked at them in sympathy, when Peach Blossom had an idea. She quickly whispered it to Bluebell and Attie and they all nodded in agreement. Then she spoke to the CMC, “Well… we know a band that would be more than happy to let you three sing with them…” she said.
The CMC looked up and smiled excitedly.
The Apples and Peaches were still squabbling as the Ninjas and Allies tried to break them up. When suddenly they heard music and turned toward the center of the market.
The HMC were performing with their instruments again, and to everyone’s surprise, the CMC were playing with them. Apple Bloom plucked Big Mac’s banjo, Sweetie Belle strummed Pail’s fiddle, and Scootaloo tapped Bucket’s keytar.
Then the HMC and CMC began to sing, starting with Peach Blossom and Apple Bloom…
[Peach Blossom]
There’s a moment in this journey that I gave up
My boots just couldn’t walk another mile
And that cloud above me had no silver lining
I couldn’t buy a break with my last dime
[Apple Bloom]
Oh, but when I saw you standing in the corner
I’da never thought that you would have my back
But then we rolled in like the thunder and the lightening
Threw some punches then we had a laugh
[HMC and CMC]
Just some roughed up desperadoes
Hanging tough through thick and thin
Kicking up dust wherever we go
I can see that you and me are gonna be friends
As the girls played, Snips, Snails, Bucket, and Pail all square danced. They arm swung, kicked up their heels, and then they bumped into each other and fell into a heap.
Then Bluebell and Sweetie Belle sang next…
[Bluebell and Sweetie Belle]
Who’da thought we’d wind up here together?
It’s crazy that we’re standing side by side
[Bluebell and Sweetie Belle]
Fighting just like two birds of a feather
[Sweetie Belle]
Who’s gonna tell us now that we can’t fly?
[HMC and CMC]
Just some roughed up desperadoes  
Hanging tough through thick and thin  
Kicking up dust wherever we go  
I can see that you and me are gonna be friends  
To the end you and me are gonna be friends
Attie played a solo on her bass, before Scootaloo and herself sang next…
[Atalanta and Scootaloo]
Hey, hey you and me
Different as different can be
[Atalanta and Scootaloo]
You like to rock, I like to roll
You take the high and I’ll take the low
[HMC and CMC]
Woah, woah-oh, woah, woah-oh
[Apple Bloom]
Just some roughed up desperadoes
[HMC and CMC]
Hanging tough through thick and thin
Kicking up dust wherever we go
[Apple Bloom]
I can see that you and me are gonna be friends
[Peach Blossom]
To the end you and me are gonna be friends
I can see that you and me are gonna be friends, yeah
As Apple Bloom and Peach Blossom sang the last part, they held each other close. The Apples, Peaches, Turtles, and Allies stared in surprise, except Mikey and Pinkie Pie as they danced to the music.
Applejack and Peach Cream were the most surprised to see their little sisters had actually become friends.
Then the girls finished and the people cheered.
TriviaWhile drawing Grama Peach’s hair, I took some inspiration from Sugar Mama from the Proud Family and Tyler Perry’s Madean. But looking at her now, she kind of resembles Sue Mcgrady from Arthur.
Song “Friends” from Blake Shelton.
Peach Cream by BozzerKazooers
Equestria Ninja Girls by DarkMagicianmon

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