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page one of cherry— popped!

i'll be posting updates on twitter; i have the first chapter sketched out, so i'll be doing that first & then a cover because i work… so logically.

night strings is visiting timid cherry for a conjugal visit. what good news could he possibly bring?
explicit354554 artist:overlord pony116 oc695280 oc only454812 oc:night strings1 oc:timid cherry6 earth pony255234 pony983920 unicorn330867 comic:cherry--popped!1 anatomically correct24271 anus98228 bondage34123 comic109955 daddy kink99 dialogue66320 dock50709 ear tufts489 female1378198 horsecock69736 jail435 male378746 monochrome150732 nudity374717 penis155675 ponut44396 simple background399765 speech bubble23691 stocks1188 vagina49304 vulva129612


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