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“So it’s true?! The Washout’s high flier is dating the Element of Kindness?!”  
“What can I say, she’s a real doll! I crash landed in her home and ‘stead of gettin’ mad, she nursed me back to health! Who can’t love her?”  
“Oh ho! You’re making me blush in front of the news pony!”  
“Well it just makes ya’ even cuter Shy!”
Fluttershy & Rolling Thunder got together pretty quickly, it was a little after Twilight and Sunset got settled down together. Fluttershy is also dating Gilda at the time, but she’s out right now. They keep it on the down low for a little because of Rainbow Dash’s rivalry with the Washout’s but it eventually comes to light when it comes up in Ponyville’s daily newspaper.
Rolling Thunder, after a stunt gone wrong, crash landed into Fluttershy’s home. Fluttershy was at first distraught about the damage but soon came to realize that Rolling Thunder’s leg and wing were broken and she helped her to Ponyville’s hospital but after Rolling Thunder was released, she didn’t live in Ponyville so she had nowhere to recover. So Fluttershy housed her and helped her recover, and they slowly fell for each other. Discord wasn’t very happy about the new roommate that was taking all of Fluttershy’s attention so he left for a little (though he did meet Sunburst and ended up gaining a crush on him). After she recovered, Rolling Thunder came back to help repair Fluttershy’s cabin and Fluttershy ended up confessing to her after consulting Gilda, who approved. (Gilda after a bit ends up dating Rolling Thunder as well)
So yeah….. The background is a lil awkward since i didn’t know what to do about the background oiajdsf

safe2197143 artist:iesbeans29 fluttershy261107 rolling thunder265 pegasus507207 pony1627586 g42052980 blushing279019 clothes644468 crack shipping4363 female1828428 hug38145 lesbian119079 rollingshy1 shipping257433 uniform17008 washouts uniform723 winghug3950 wings229487


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